Zeus Smith Machine Z series 2.0

Color: black
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Zeus Smith Machine Z Series 2.0

The Zeus Smith Machine Z series 2.0 is a one of a kind perfect for a full home gym setup or commercial gym! You won't ever need a gym membership again. Made with high quality heavy-duty steel frame reinforced with a durable powder coated finish, 
and wire rope, the series 2.0 is designed to hold over 700bs of weight. The Zeus Smith Machine Z series 2.0 is a beast of a machine!


Attachments include:

- x2 Handles

- x1 Rope

- x1 "45" inch. Straight Bar

- x2 Cable Extensions

- x1 Straight bar

- x2 Dip Handles

- x1 Landmine

- x1 Lat Pull Down

- x1 T Bar Row

- x2 J Cup Hook

- x2 Safety Arm

- x1 Leg cushion 

Tech Specs:

- L: 65in (5.4ft), W: 54in (4.5ft), H: 91in (7.6ft)

- Weight Rating: 706 lb (320kg)

- Cable Rating: 882 lb (400kg)

- Chin Up Rating 463 lb (210kg)

- Cable length 9200 m x 2

- Type of steel tubing : Q235 Steel 1.6x3.2 / 1.9x1.9 in

- Cable Ratio 2:1

- Weight stack 220 lb x 2

- Weight stack increments: 11 lb (5kg)

  • Inner Cage Width: 48.7"
  • Outer Cage Width: 52.7"


- One Year Warranty


White, Black, and Red Smith machines are on Pre-order! Please allow 4-8 weeks to be delivered,

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