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Discover the freedom of a healthier life anywhere.


Our team of highly skilled and professional trainers are here to help guide you to your health and fitness goals. Our dedication to your goals coupled with the Zeus Online mobile app make for an unparalleled training experience.

Click on a Trainer below to learn more about their specialties. The unique program that they offer is tailored to your individual needs. Book a monthly training service with them today.

Your trainer when you need them

With our partnership with MyFitnessPal, Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Withings we bring accountability to a whole new level. Tracking all biometrics, daily movement, dietary intake, sleep, resting heart rate, and many more.

A Trainer for all skill levels

Our diverse team of certified trainers and nutritionists means we have the perfect fit for not only your goals, but also your starting point. We meet you where you are and grow together.


Your personal trainer will schedule video consultations with you to create nutritional program strategies, personalized habits for healthier living, and customized fitness training programs.

This personalized plan will be integrated into the Zeus Online mobile platform for easy tracking and analyzing. We have partnered with Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Withings (hardware not included) for ease and reliability. Zeus Fitness is excited to offer this monthly training service delivering Master Coaches right to your living room to guide you through your process. They even offer unlimited reworks.

Ready to begin?

Apply for coaching today! We would love nothing more than to have you a part of our family. With your introduction to our programming you’ll be paired with a coach of your choosing and begin your journey as a Zeus client and friend!

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