Zeus ZPR 2.01 - Extended Cage

Color: Black
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Zeus ZPR 2.01 - Extended Cage 

Introducing the new and improved power rack from our Z series line! Created to be tough and durable this rack is designed for commercial use. The latest version of our ZPR 2.0 has a wide range of add on options to make the rack optimal for any workout no matter the difficulty.

Choose between the stainless steel finish, which is made to have bright sleek shine to it or the black finish, designed to transform any space into a spectacle to admire; this the rack will stand out above all others. The ZPR 2.0 is developed to be the most versatile and customizable power rack allowing for any athlete to train a wide variety of exercises. 

Each unit comes with a standard J-cup hook (2), base pull up bar (1), plate storage (8), and 5/8" bolts and fasteners. The rack comes with laser cut holes which are numbered. 

Add ons will include upgraded steel options as well as different means to exercise and utilities the rack to its fullest potential. Add ons include: Dip bar, X- Dip bar, mounted standing single leg curl, lever arms, pull up spheres, monolift pairs, step up platform, strap safety system, flip down safety bars, pin and pipe safety set, adjustable handle pull up bar, rotating pull up handles, mounted wall ball target, battle rope anchor, sphere grip pull up bar, y-dip attachment, rack mounted chalk bowl, rack mounted wrist roller, revolving pull up bars, and flying pull up chin up bar!

Once the rack is installed, gym owners can customize their rack by selecting any type of Pro add ons! The ZPR 2.01 unique design is ideal for any commercial, athletic, collegiate, pro, or military facility. 


  • Width 43in
  • Depth 71in + 34in
  • Height 92.5in
  • 75*75*2.0mm Stainless Square tube
  • Stainless Steel 5/8" bolts and fasteners 
  • Easy to install safeties for squats and bench
  • New Stabilizing Zeus Name Plate - laser cut Zeus Branding
  • Plate Storage Pegs (8)
  • Interchangeable Pull-up attachments
  • Does not need to be bolted to the floor 


    - 1 Year

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