Zeus Smith Machine Z Series 3.0 - Holiday Bundle

Color: Black
Sale price$4,300.00


Zeus Smith Machine Z Series 3.0 - Holiday Bundle 

A tier upgrade from the Zeus 2.0. This upgraded rack has increased steel tubing, more add ons, and eight weight plate storage located on the sides of the rack! This Bundle is a wonderful gift to give to yourself or your loved ones who are fitness enthusiasts or looking to add on to their gym or facility! This bundle covers all your needs, from a multifunctional rack, Zeus 3.0, to a full set of custom made zeus bumper plates! This bundle will have the whole City jealous, don't miss out!

Seasonal Package, offer ends soon!

The Holiday Bundle includes:

  1. Zeus Smith Machine 3.0 (Zeus 3.0) Colors include (Grayscale Black, Varsity Red)
  2. E series bench
  3. Bumper Plate Set
  4. Reptom barbell

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