Zeus Smith Machine Z Series 3.0

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Zeus Smith Machine Z Series 3.0

The Zeus Smith Machine 3.0 is by far one of the best smith machines on the market! If you are looking for a beast of a machine, look no further! The 3.0 is a fully versatile rack, able to do countless workouts from a simple bench press to more advanced exercises such as lever presses. This machine can provide all that you would need if you were working out at a commercial or home gym. Colors include red/black finish or all black finish.

The Base Model include the following: handles (2)

Add ons will include upgraded steel options as well as different means to exercise and utilities the rack to its fullest potential. Add ons include: Dip bar, X- Dip bar, mounted standing single leg curl, lever arms, pull up spheres, monolift pairs, step up platform, adjustable handle pull up bar, rotating pull up handles, mounted wall ball target, battle rope anchor, sphere grip pull up bar, y-dip attachment, rack mounted chalk bowl, rack mounted wrist roller, revolving pull up bars, and flying pull up chin up bar!

Starting Base weight for the weight stack is 220lbs with additional weight stacks going up to 260lbs.

Base Attachments include

  1. Two handle Grips

Add ons:

...and more!


Weight Stacks (2:1)  220lbs 
Cables  Duel Adjustable / Dense Fiber
Steel Tubing 75 *75* 2.0mm tube thickness
Weight Rating (lbs) 756
Cable Rating (lbs) 907
Chin Up Rating (lbs) 501
Cable Length (m) 9200
Inner Cage 48.7"
Outer Cage 52.7
LxWxH (Ft) 5 ft "4" x 4 ft x 7 ft 4
Color Grayscale Black, Varsity Red
Warranty 2 Years

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